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Stephen Eager performs dramatic musical presentations that challenge the mind and stir the heart. His current repertoire includes dramatic biographies of Beethoven and Schumann, musical presentations of Scottish Revivals, and an evening of Song & Romance.

Each of Stephen’s programs brings new insights to the characters and subjects he develops. Make no mistake; these productions are unique. Each show is designed to give the audience an experience unlike that of any other theatrical show or musical concert. These five programs will take the viewer inside the minds of the characters depicted in ways that entertain and educate. Using his skills as an actor, pianist, vocalist and writer, Stephen brings excitement back to the one-man show.

Whether exploring the lives of Beethoven and Schumann, marveling at religious awakenings in the British Isles, or wandering into romance through story and song, these productions will open your eyes to distant times and far-away places and bring them to life for you in new and entertaining ways.

Stephen has a Master of Arts in Music & Drama, studied piano with Lawrence Morton and Jerome Rose, taught Music & Speech in Chicago, and teaches piano in Greenville, SC, where he resides with his wife Betsy.

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"Out of the Depths" -- The Story and Hymns of John Newton

Brand New Program!

In 1764 John Newton published his autobiography "Out of the Depths." It became an instant best seller. This riveting account of a slave ship captain turned minister of the Gospel is brought to life by actor/singer Stephen Eager and a terrific musical ensemble.

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Breath of Life
The Lewis Revival of 1949
Produced By: Stephen Eager
This seller has a direct PayPal link! Audio CD ... $14.95 USD
Beautiful instrumentals and Sacred vocal music of the British Isles. In 1949, a revival took place on the Isle of Lewis in northern Scotland that changed the lives of thousands of people for eternity. This album was inspired by their story. Click on the...

Breath of Life 2
The Ulster Revival of 1859
Produced By: Stephen Eager
This seller has a direct PayPal link! Audio CD ... $14.95 USD
Beautiful instrumental and vocal music of the British Isles to stir the heart. "We cannot organize a revival, but we can set our sails to catch the wind from heaven when God chooses to blow upon His people once again." — G. Campbell Morgan Click on the...

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